Concerned about HIPAA, HITECH, HL7, or compliance??

AccuretRCM being an ardent follower of compliance in all forms can lay your fears to rest.

With over 80+ years of collective leadership experience, AccuretRCM is committed in operating business with the most ethical and lawful approach and this is the reason for our business longevity. At AccuretRCM we adhere to all administrative, physical, technical and process security measures as outlined by DHHS relevant to HIPAA and thus attain high ethical standards and complete customer satisfaction.

At AccuretRCM we have established standards to strictly secure PHI related to saving, accessing and sharing of all medical information in any form. We strive to comply national security standards related with EPHI information.

AccuretRCM’s Risk Assessment, Contingency planning, Disaster recovery plan helps us keep ourselves abreast of all possible risks and guide us to keep your business compliant.

Compliance at AccuretRCM:

AccuretRCM’s Compliance program recognizes compliance as a prime responsibility of every employee. AccuretRCM provides education and training to all its employees to stay in current of the most recent updates on regulations and laws. As privacy standard implementation is an ongoing process, we train and retrain every employee annually and ensure that our employees stringently adhere to the regulatory guidelines and inlay the compliance function in everyday operations to its highest level of achievability.

Our compliance manual is inclined with reference to the Third party medical billing compliance program as outlined by DHHS and issued by OIG. We also religiously refine our manual to track all new publications and decisions of OIG, CMS and DHHS from their websites. Thus AccuretRCM encourages and advocates an atmosphere and culture of Compliance to benchmark compliance.

HIPAA compliant operations at AccuretRCM

  1. We maintain specific guidelines and have restrictions imposed on every possible issue which is non HIPPA compliant.
  2. Access for employees on sensitive information only on “need to know basis”.
  3. CD, Floppy Disk drive, USB drives etc., are disabled in all computers used for operations.
  4. We have an Eco friendly possess a paper free environment.
  5. All our contractual agreements with our business partners are up-to-date.
  6. All computes are password protected.
  7. AccuretRCM’s staff is checked on their entry or exit of the AccuretRCM campus.
  8. AT AccuretRCM we follow daily virus definition update and are up-to-date in antivirus software and our systems are fully firewall protected.
  9. AccuretRCM is under surveillance of CC cameras and we strictly follow the access card system for authorized personnel on to the floor.
  10. Have shredders to dispose of any PHI, HIPPA compliant materials.
  11. We maintain strict regulations on the usage of the personal gadgets and the Personal laptops and computers, PDA and writable media.
  12. We follow National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards for electronic transmissions.

And many more …… our “zero tolerance policy” on breach of confidentiality in any form set us apart and makes us the first choice for any billing services. For more information, call our toll free number.