Lean Six Sigma—it is the way we work, a part of AccuretRCM DNA

It is more than a tool it is a methodology for quality control and improvement. So the difference is not the methodology but how we embrace and deploy it.

Lean Six Sigma is driven through the organization, which is true of AccuretRCM. It permeates what we do and is highly visible in our operations, our people processes, and our leadership direction.

ISO 27001 @ AccuretRCM

At AccuretRCM, we define the best practices for information security management processes as per ISO 27001 and is applicable to all sectors of industry and commerce, it is not confined just to information held on electronic systems, but addresses the security of information and focus on continual improvement processes and on Corporate Governance.

AccuretRCM’s commitment to information security

Every employee’s commitment to information security is the most critical element which impacts any information security processes success. At AccuretRCM, we consistently re-engineer our processes and risk assessments as part of our continual improvement process.

Our information security processes are phased as per the check and act phase of Information security management systems.

At AccuretRCM, we monitor all processes executed as per information security policy, perform internal audits at planned intervals, and review the effectiveness of the information security systems. We also individually review the levels of residual and acceptable risk to ensure effective security practices.

Once we check on all our information security practices, we implement all improvements that are identified through audits, apply corrective and preventive measures and communicate the results and actions both the management and employees of AccuretRCM and ensure all implemented improvements meet the intended security objectives.

We assess risk at each level, crease controls and implement risk plans to meet the security objectives.

Thus at AccuretRCM, information security is a mandatory requirement on all our services, we monitor and proactively address them at each levels as and when security concerns arise.

Information Security Policy

To provide management direction and support for information security in accordance with business requirements and relevant laws and regulations. At AccuretRCM, we strictly adhere to the information security policies and place necessary controls, publish and communicate to all employees and relevant external parties.

AccuretRCM’s commitment to information security- Control

With complete understanding on the criticality of the information security controls, AccuretRCM’s Top management at all levels actively support information security processes and place security controls to minimize the information security risks. As part of corporate governance, the organization has clear direction, demonstrated commitment, explicit assignment, and acknowledgement of information security responsibilities.

Protection of information Assets

Objective: To prevent unauthorized physical access, damage and interference to the organization’s premises and information.

In every organization most of the valuable information asset is digitalized thus ensuring digitalized information security is the key to succeed in conducting today’s business. Thus by evaluating continuity, compliance, reputational, and content risk, we ensure AccuretRCM is a more secured place for all informational assets of all our client’s.

At AccuretRCM we unfailingly protect all information assets ensuring information security, availability, integrity, confidentiality of all sensitive data with adherence to copy right arrangement and with conformity to applicable laws.

AccuretRCM’s security testing and assessment tools, security software(single sign on, network address translation, etc.), techniques to authenticate or restrict employees to authorized functions and data, digital signature techniques, Encryption techniques, network and internal firewall security, voice communication security, virus detection, infrastructure protection devices, many more ensures complete protection of all information assets in all forms at AccuretRCM.

Education and Training

All employees at AccuretRCM receive appropriate awareness training and regular updates in Information security controls pertaining to:

  1. Employee’s responsibilities in handling confidentiality information and non-disclosure of any confidentiality information.
  2. Password policy and methods to protect any confidential information or data.
  3. Controlled Methods to handle any kind of transmission, storage or destruction of data.
  4. Policies related to workplace security

Thus with our continuous education and training on information security awareness programs our employees equipped to understand their responsibilities in adhering to security policies.

Accident Prevention and Action plan

AccuretRCM ensures prevention of any security accidents from occurrence through continuous monitoring and control. In case of any such happenings, AccuretRCM promptly incorporates necessary corrective and preventive actions to avoid any further recurrence of such incidents.