Medical Coding Services


AccuretRCMS’s accurate, efficient and compliant coding solutions increases the productivity of your medical coding team as well as the quality of coded documents to help you manage DNFB (Discharged, Not Final Billed) with fewer denials and stronger revenue outcomes.

By supplementing your internal coding services, streamlining coding processes or optimizing your Health Information Management department, we support your team with the right skills, processes and technology you need. We strive to continuously improve the quality of your coding and hence your revenue cycle while optimizing revenue capture and reimbursement.

AccuretRCM’s coding services helps you achieve:

  • 100% compliance with CMS regulations, as well as AHIMA and AAPC coding ethics and facility-specific guidelines
  • 100% quality control for each coder assigned to the account, with a guarantee of 96% or greater accuracy
  • Consistent, accurate, complete and compliant coding 100% of the time in 24 hours or less
  • Weekly quality reports and routine client calls to discuss productivity and quality
  • Streamlined ICD-10 transition capabilities



Hospital Coding Services

With our global 24×7 presence, AccuretRCM is able to deliver the advantage of local US based service and delivery at the same price as offshore services. By focusing on process, we improve the entire coding operation with experts who are trained as Lean and Six Sigma black belts to improve your productivity and capacity and intelligently manage costs.

Our extensive team spread across different geographies brings with it a niche life science background, coding certifications and extensive hands-on experience to your organization. Each highly trained coder has a minimum of five years experience, specifically dedicated to work as an extension of your coding environment. This approach ensures higher accuracy, streamlined operations and faster reimbursements.

Certified and experienced in both ICD-9 and ICD-10, our certified coders work on your schedule, (full-time, part-time or as needed) and deliver results within 24 hours with 100% quality control. This means fewer errors and faster delivery of payments into your account.

With our rigorously trained team of certified coding specialists and our scientific approach to process, we help you produce an efficient and reliable coding operation. Our state of the art methodology combined with a rigorous quality assurance process drives accuracy above 96% to avoid costly errors and reduce denials, appeals and inappropriate payments.

AccuretRCM’s clinical coders are available around the clock to help you avoid disruptions to your revenue cycle. With a focus on improving the efficiency of coding processes and 24-hour turnaround to meet even your most immediate needs, our certified coders act as a seamless extension of your healthcare organization and are available on a full-time, part-time or limited engagement project basis while enabling ongoing compliance with CMS, HIPAA, HITECH Act and global data security mandates.


ICD-10 Transition Analysis and Training

AccuretRCM’s customized ICD-10 training and transition services help you meet critical milestones in the migration to the new code sets by assessing department preparedness, then implementing our certified lean and six sigma process expertise to deliver a customized transition plan based on your specific goals and organizational success metrics.

We work with your team closely to bridge knowledge gaps and support a smooth transition, offering unique remote and onsite training offerings that provide flexibility in cost, location and solution. Our comprehensive training program is a dynamic blend of onsite, WebEx, and interactive sessions designed to keep your coders engaged and learning for optimal coding accuracy, productivity, compliance, and reimbursement. Capitalizing on theory-based learning, our program includes a practical application of knowledge with onsite, customized, and live or recorded training resources, providing the flexibility you need to ensure comprehensive staff education with minimal disruption to current processes.