HEDIS Indexing

AccuretRCM has got vast experience & expertise in HEDIS abstraction and has a team dedicated only for HEDIS which in turns provides best-in-class health plan performance review to our business partners.  Our annual refreshment programs keep our HEDIS team up-to-date to the NCQA performance measure revisions.

AccuretRCM Advantages

  • Dedicated team for HEDIS indexing.
  • 100% next level quality check for all measures.
  • Quality sampling makes it a three-tier process to bring best-in-class accuracy.
  • Weekly negative hits reporting for further record retrieval to meet objective per request.
  • Dedicated SPOC for work force management & communication for each business partner.
  • Anytime audit rights for quality assurance.
  • Direct access to view what we do to monitor process progress (end to end/apples to apples).


We do the pilot program absolutely free (100 charts of multiple measures).

We are very strictly compliant to HIPAA as far as EHR retrieval and EMR review are concerne