US Healthcare Provider Solution – Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management (RCM) eases claims processing, payment and revenue generation. It also includes all clinical and administrative functions related to the generation, management, and collection of patient care revenue.

AccuretRCM promises and delivers significant business outcomes involved in healthcare revenue cycle. We assure to understand the complexities involved in new regulations, multifaceted reimbursement process in the current Revenue cycle methods. We ensure to extend business outsourcing services or complete revenue cycle management services that fit our clientele scope of business and success.

Building a sustainable margin in an increasingly complex health care provider environment means capturing every dollar your organization is entitled to and eliminating waste. The process includes keeping track of claims in the system, making sure payments are collected and addressing denied claims, which can cause up to 90 percent of missed revenue opportunity.

AccuretRCM is accurate and reliable service provider that aims towards improving provider-patient relationships and leads to superior customer satisfaction.

AccuretRCM offers the following services: