Pre-Registration And Pre-Authorization

Pre-registration involves collecting patient demographics and updating in the software, including verifying patient’s eligibility, complete pre-authorization process, screen for medical necessity, collect patient responsibility, recognize the payment risks followed by scheduling patient for provider visits. At AccuretRCM we clearly understand that this process has to be repeated and meticulously followed for improved cash flow of patient’s up-front collectibles like deductibles and co-pays. AccuretRCM abides to follow the process consistently and ensure accurate care and decreased revenue cycle days.

Registration process followed at AccuretRCM:

  • Patient registration specialists enter patient’s information in to the patient demographics.
  • We perform eligibility checks, verify if the service requires any authorizations, and also screen for medical necessities and update the same in patient’s account.
  • We always validate and update patient’s information which gets registered in provider’s facility.