People, Process & Service

Our motto has always been timely service, best quality and moving the account to the next level. Believe customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and constantly strive to achieve the same.

People, Process & Service

AccuretRCM recruits experienced & well trained staff in the respective verticals. AccuretRCM practices based on ‘Efficiency & Speed’. This in return has helped us create work environment, where every STAFF feels cared for and in being inspired to think out of the box to deliver effectively.

People Development

  1. Conducting regular training workshop on respective verticals to improve the knowledge.
  2. Regular Leadership and Management Development programs.


Process & Services

Measurable set of objectives such as “reduce customer complaints by 10%” or “reduce processing time by 2 day in Both BPO and Domestic sector”.

  1. Clear and defined scope on meeting the customer needs.
  2. Managing effective workshop frequently to enhance the customer base.
  3. Conducting regular training on understanding of the process operates, what information is required to manage monitor process in both domestic and international.
  4. Implement good ideas for improving exciting process by delivering quality service to the customer on regular basis.
  5. Rendering valuable service to the client with adequate healthcare knowledge and experience.
  6. Periodical reviews of KRAs and timely feedback.


Innovation at AccuretRCM

AccuretRCM has an innovative culture that rests on a foundation of six building blocks: Resources, Processes, Values, Behaviour, Climate and Success. (“The Six Building Blocks of an Innovative Culture at AccuretRCM ”) These building blocks are dynamically linked. For example, the values of the AccuretRCM have an impact on people’s behaviour, on the climate of the workplace and on how success is defined and measured. Our culture of innovation model builds upon dozens of studies by numerous authors.