Work Culture

Our well-defined corporate culture is the most important thing that set us apart from others. We’ve always wanted AccuretRCM to be a right place for its employees to grow and achieve their career goals. Thus we have smart, multi-talented people from varied backgrounds with feeling of being placed at the best place.

AccuretRCM’s work-life balance, comprehensive exposure, work culture makes its employees to experience growth beyond boundaries.

With our phenomenal effort in identifying and recruiting right people we make our employees at AccuretRCM an individual contributors. Our Employees attitude of being in the right place and their sense of confidence of their outstanding career at AccuretRCM helps us attain our core philosophy “succeeding with our customers and growing with our people”.

AccuretRCM’s Six Building Blocks of an Innovative Culture

When it comes to fostering innovation, AccuretRCM has generally given substantial attention to resources, processes and the measurement of success — the more easily measure, tools-oriented innovation building blocks. But companies have often given much less attention to the harder-to-measure, people-oriented determinants of innovative culture — values, behaviours and climate. At AccuretRCM we have also done a better job of managing resources, processes and measurement of innovating success than other companies.

  • Values: Values drive priorities and decisions, which are reflected in how AccuretRCM spends its time and money. AccuretRCM spends generously on being entrepreneurial, promoting creativity and encouraging continuous learning. Values manifest our self in how we behave and spend, more than in how we speak.
  • Behavior: Behaviors’ describe how AccuretRCM acts in the cause of innovation. For leaders, those acts include a willingness to kill off existing products with new and better ones; we energize employees with a vivid description of the future and to cut through red tape. For employees, actions in support of innovation include doggedness in overcoming technical roadblocks, “scrounging” resources when budgets are thin and listening to customers.
  • Climate: Climate in AccuretRCM is the tenor of workplace life. An innovative climate cultivates engagement and enthusiasm, challenges people to take risks within a safe environment, fosters learning and encourages independent thinking.
  • Resources: AccuretRCM’s Resources comprise three main factors: people, systems and projects. People, especially “innovation champions” — are the most critical, because they have a powerful impact on the organization’s values and climate.
  • Process: AccuretRCM believes that processes are the route that innovations follow as they are developed. These may include the familiar “innovation funnel” used to capture and sift through ideas or stage-gate systems for reviewing and prioritizing projects and prototyping.
  • Success: AccuretRCM believes success of an innovation can be captured at three levels: external, enterprise and personal. In particular, external recognition shows how well our company is regarded as being innovative by its customers and competitors, and whether an innovation has paid off financially. More generally, success reinforces our enterprise’s values, behaviors and processes, which in turn drive many subsequent actions and decisions: who will be rewarded, which people will be hired and which projects will get the green light.